Innowacja odróżnia lidera od naśladowcy

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Parcel Technik S.A. is a rapidly developing company listed on the NewConnect market.  The company focuses on finding innovations in parcel locker solutions, the logistic sector and IT systems. As its aim is to develop only groundbreaking technologies, Parcel Technik leads many R&D actions testing new products. 

The company Parcel Technik S.A. operates on self-service devices market. Company, uses and service machines for automatic delively, pick-up and storage of parcels, packets, valuables such as cash as well as recyclables. In particular, company sells and uses in operation: parcel lockers (Automatic Parcel Machines, APMs), night tresors (Automatic Deposit Machines, ADMs) and other devices for cash collection (minisafes, MSs, Multisafes TCDs), recycling stations.
Main geographical markets are Poland, Germany, Israel and other. In Poland and Germany company builds own network of parcel lockers and recycling stations. In Israel company is selling bank equipment and APMs.
Main customers are banks, postal companies, crouriers and retail networks.